Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day

I know, my post for Father's day is too late for this year but hey, one way to look at it is it's really early for next year right :) (always look at the glass always half full!!!)

I've been out of it late with my little blog but with the kiddos, house and 1 full time work and 2 other part time work; I can't seem to find the time to squeeze and post about my life. By the by, it is is beautiful. Honestly speaking though, I don't know how others in blogland do it! They are each and everyone their own version of wonderwoman and I salute them!

Anyhu, back to Father's day....

This is our beautiful Daddy :)

We went out to dinner to celebrate. Got him a lovely shirt... I know, not very original of us, not very crafty either but he liked the shirt. LOL!

Posing for the cam...

My 2 beautiful boys :)

Me writing list in my head of what I have to do for tomorrow....

One of the things I've been planning to do for a very long time is to make-over our dining set. loooong story but looks like I really need to just get my head down and do it. I went and looked for a staple gun in the shops today and was blown away by how much they cost. I think I will just find an alternative on how to re-upholster the chairs without using one since I know I can't spare that much money! I will find a way! Already bought sand paper and will start with one chair. LOL, one step at a time, crawl before you walk so to speak...

Have a wonderful week ahead beautiful people.


Monday, June 13, 2011

June Wedding: An Update

They are hitched! Zander and Irene, congratulations! I wish you all the best for your future together.

The happy couple
I couldn't get a close up coz I coulnd't really move as I was one of the ninangs :)

The wedding and the reception were really nice

Great food and great friends (forgot to take pics of food, LOL! Hey, I was really hungry :)

And of course with my lovely Mr. T

So that's it for this post. Have a great week ahead. I am enjoying Monday since we have the day off, thanks to the queen! Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth, say hello to Prince William and Princess Kate for us. (Not sure but is she a princess now?)

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Mug of Tea with Jane Austen

I want to share something with all you beautiful people. I am a major Jane Austen fan. I can still remember the time when we were introduced. I was sixteen and Pride and Prejudice was one of the novels we had to tackle in English lit. From then on, I knew I will have a long-term relationship with her.

My fave novel is... surprise, surprise; Pride and Prejudice. I read it about 12 times a year, so that is once a month. (I'm soooo good at math!) so, 17 multiplied by 12 is that's how many times I've read it LOL! (so sooo good at math!) Why 17? I will let you figure out that one (wink wink)

Anyhu, I would like to show you how my Pride and Prejudice book looks like now...

I know, I know. This is my second book actually. The first one was lost when we moved from our old house to our house now. I got this brand new but now it looks vintage... antique... ancient!

I don't think I can part with it. Mr. T just shakes his head whenever he sees me holding it. To be honest, I read Pride and Prejudice whenever I need an escape from this world. It is a beautiful world but sometimes, we need to get away from reality and what better way to do this than to visit Jane's world.

I love the romance of Lizzy and Darcy, their stubbornness and of course their happy ending. Every time I read this novel, it's like I'm reading it for the first time. I find new things and by chapter 10 I cannot put the book down. That's my problem. I have to finish the book within the next couple of days. Yep, I didn't get my negative 450 eyesight genetically, Jane Austen helped a lot with that!

When Lizzy and Darcy met at Pemberly grounds! Whenever I read this passage, cant help but smile...

I just wanted to share something with all of you since I plan to escape this weekend after all my home organization is done, that means... a mug of tea (or two or three) with Jane Austen. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend :) and oh, don't you just love the smell of old books???

Update: Got through a few chapters of Pride and Prejudice during the weekend. Unfortunately, it was a very busy weekend for a mommy like me (getting ready for first day of school, grocery shopping, laundry day etc etc. Don't worry Jane, we will have a date again on Saturday, you can count on me. Anyone want to join us???

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A June Wedding

Hello, hello and hello!

It is nearly the weekend and I promise myself I will have to do a to-do list! I plan to get organized this weekend so we will see how that goes :)

On a lighter note, Zander and his bride to be visited us the other night. You see, Zander is our pc tech. If my laptop or Mr. T's desktop suddenly goes on the blink then he's the guy to call. I know him from the bank I used to work for (now closed, long story for another day)

He is getting married and he asked Mr. T and I to be one of their ninongs and ninangs. What are those, I hear yah asking. Well, you know the godparents in christening and baptisms? I know, weddings don't have godparents, that's what I was told by a friend of mine that lives in the US. Well, we have godparents here for weddings. I'm sure of it!

I was pretty shock that he asked us, well me in particular coz I'M STILL YOUNG! Usually, the people you ask are in their 50's or someone much wiser with a lot of life experiences. I can understand him asking Mr. T coz he's older than me, 5 years to be exact and no, I don't look his age :)

But then I thought about it, Mr. T and I have been married for 13 years! WOWOWOW! Yep, it doesn't seem all that long but if you count the years, more than a decade huh? I'm sooo good at math!

And when I thought of it some more, Mr. T and I have been through quite a lot! Even more so than other couples that have been married for longer than us. We've had a lot thrown at us but I'm glad to say we rose above it all so far. I'm so grateful for that. I will tell you a secret, I am never afraid of what will be or what the future has in store for us as long as I have him on my side. Cheesy huh!

Anyhu, It is a great honor to be asked, of course we accept (invitations have been printed after all LOL) My problem now is I don't have anything to wear :( oh my oh my! and I am not sure what to get them as a wedding gift. Any ideas??? The wedding is in 8 days! sheesh!

p.s. The flowers you with with the invitation is called Euphorbia, I think. Well, its a cactus flower, yes it is. cactuses are the only plants I can grow.... oh and a lot of grass and weeds :)

Have a beautiful day, be content and may that bring you happiness...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Ready for School

We live on the other side of the world, so school here is about to start (1 week and counting) whilst others in blogland, summer vacation is just approaching. My kiddos are excited to go back to school, see old friends and of course get new things!

My eldest, Brandon...

My youngest, Liam...

My boys are so sweet. It only takes a small thing to make them happy, such innocence. We are not well-off. Don't get me wrong, we can afford mostly everything that we need and for that I am very grateful; it's just sometimes, we can't afford everything that we want. C'est la vie as they say and my boys understand and I'm proud of them.

Anyhu, after the department store we went to Jolibee, it's the equivalent of McDonald's over wherever you beautiful people are :) On our way out, I asked the kids to do some poses with the statue of Jolibee so that I can blog about it, this is when I realize they are growing up because they went "mom-miiii!" in an embarrass tone. They used to love having their pics taken with him! LOL, well, Mr. T. thought he would look cute so here he is,

Isn't he sweet? (Mr. T and not Jolibee, LOL!)

By the way, I swear I had followers since the last time I logged in to blogger (I even blogged about it!) but now I have none :( Does that mean I was unfollowed??? LOL, oh my oh my! Hope you all have a great week ahead! Linking this to a beautiful linky party hosted by a beautiful lady...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting Comments is Addictive

Hello beautiful world!

I was thinking this morning, I haven't blogged for a couple of days now! Oh my, what would blogosphere think of me?!! and then I thought, why did I start doing this in the first place? For myself of course! I mean I was over the moon when I saw I have 6 followers! and when I read comments under my post, I WAS SO EXCITED! You cannot imagine how excited I was. I want to thank all those lovely and beautiful ladies that took the time and read my blog. You have no idea how happy you made me feel when I read your comments and saw your pics on my sidebar :)

What is my point exactly? Well, receiving comments is addictive! It's like the first time you tasted an ice-cold coke in a hot summer's day and all you want to drink after that is just coke. The same with blogging, once you first tasted someone commenting on one of your posts, you just want to keep the comments coming, the followers following! And if you haven't posted for a couple of days, SHEESH! peer PRESSURE! I mean you pressurize (I think the word pressurize sums up my state of mind at the mo, lol) yourself into writing about anything so that you can post it into your blog!

So I am taking a deep breath and keep reminding myself that blogging is not about pressure, it's supposed to relieve stress after a hard day, my blog is supposed to be a kind of journal as per say so no pressure, no pressure at all.

I am just so excited that I may happen to make a lot of new friends because of this blog. What a lovely opportunity that would be!

Stay beautiful everyone, outside and in....

Carmen xoxo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work, Work, Work Wednesday!

Hello beautiful people. What a manic Wednesday! All day long I felt like this!

I work at home for an online company, it's an 8 hour day shift. For some reason, most of our web-based tools weren't working or working really really slow! On top of that other tasks were assigned so I was having a brain overload AND the it's really really hot here! Gosh, I feel like we live in the desert or something!

And for this reason I've been constantly thinking about the beach today...

Just sitting on the beach with a cool drink...

Enjoy the beautiful scenery...

Make new friends...

Or just play around like a kid!

These pics were taken Feb of this year. It was our company conference and it was held in Boracay. It was the first time I met everyone in the company!

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