Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day

I know, my post for Father's day is too late for this year but hey, one way to look at it is it's really early for next year right :) (always look at the glass always half full!!!)

I've been out of it late with my little blog but with the kiddos, house and 1 full time work and 2 other part time work; I can't seem to find the time to squeeze and post about my life. By the by, it is is beautiful. Honestly speaking though, I don't know how others in blogland do it! They are each and everyone their own version of wonderwoman and I salute them!

Anyhu, back to Father's day....

This is our beautiful Daddy :)

We went out to dinner to celebrate. Got him a lovely shirt... I know, not very original of us, not very crafty either but he liked the shirt. LOL!

Posing for the cam...

My 2 beautiful boys :)

Me writing list in my head of what I have to do for tomorrow....

One of the things I've been planning to do for a very long time is to make-over our dining set. loooong story but looks like I really need to just get my head down and do it. I went and looked for a staple gun in the shops today and was blown away by how much they cost. I think I will just find an alternative on how to re-upholster the chairs without using one since I know I can't spare that much money! I will find a way! Already bought sand paper and will start with one chair. LOL, one step at a time, crawl before you walk so to speak...

Have a wonderful week ahead beautiful people.


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