Thursday, June 2, 2011

A June Wedding

Hello, hello and hello!

It is nearly the weekend and I promise myself I will have to do a to-do list! I plan to get organized this weekend so we will see how that goes :)

On a lighter note, Zander and his bride to be visited us the other night. You see, Zander is our pc tech. If my laptop or Mr. T's desktop suddenly goes on the blink then he's the guy to call. I know him from the bank I used to work for (now closed, long story for another day)

He is getting married and he asked Mr. T and I to be one of their ninongs and ninangs. What are those, I hear yah asking. Well, you know the godparents in christening and baptisms? I know, weddings don't have godparents, that's what I was told by a friend of mine that lives in the US. Well, we have godparents here for weddings. I'm sure of it!

I was pretty shock that he asked us, well me in particular coz I'M STILL YOUNG! Usually, the people you ask are in their 50's or someone much wiser with a lot of life experiences. I can understand him asking Mr. T coz he's older than me, 5 years to be exact and no, I don't look his age :)

But then I thought about it, Mr. T and I have been married for 13 years! WOWOWOW! Yep, it doesn't seem all that long but if you count the years, more than a decade huh? I'm sooo good at math!

And when I thought of it some more, Mr. T and I have been through quite a lot! Even more so than other couples that have been married for longer than us. We've had a lot thrown at us but I'm glad to say we rose above it all so far. I'm so grateful for that. I will tell you a secret, I am never afraid of what will be or what the future has in store for us as long as I have him on my side. Cheesy huh!

Anyhu, It is a great honor to be asked, of course we accept (invitations have been printed after all LOL) My problem now is I don't have anything to wear :( oh my oh my! and I am not sure what to get them as a wedding gift. Any ideas??? The wedding is in 8 days! sheesh!

p.s. The flowers you with with the invitation is called Euphorbia, I think. Well, its a cactus flower, yes it is. cactuses are the only plants I can grow.... oh and a lot of grass and weeds :)

Have a beautiful day, be content and may that bring you happiness...

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